Be more protected this winter
Be more protected this winter
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The information provided should not be used for self-diagnoses
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Welcome to PharmaNatura

A leading manufacturer and marketer of nutraceuticals and complementary medicines

PharmaNatura is the only pharmaceutical company in the world that can manufacture anthroposophic*, herbal and homeopathic medicine, tissue salts, and nutritional supplements.

At PharmaNatura we pride ourselves in our involvement in the health and well being of our community.

Our aim is to educate both the consumer and their healthcare providers in the art of natural preventative healthcare, while providing both preventative and curative medicaments.

We bring to you 5 fantastic ranges:

Click to view the Homeoforce Product Range Click to view the Bettaway Multivitamin, Supplements and Skin Care Product Range Click to view the Vitaforce Multivitamin, Supplement, Herbal and Skin Care Product Range Click to view the Junglevites Nutrition and Supplement Product Range Click to view the Herbaforce Natural Herbal Remedies and Skin Care Product Range

Please click on the links above to learn more about these Product Ranges.

*anthroposophic: Medical principles as directed by Rudolf Steiner


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